Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fast and Furious and a Fantastic Story

Linda, my faithful Holmes to my bumbling Watson is finding people faster than I can call them (since we're an hour behind a lot of the East Coast folks. We're following up on leads of at least a half dozen people that look really good.

Dorrien Bayer Hughes just friended me on Facebook. I've suggested our reunion folks to her for friending. The strangest find was this: It seems that about 6 years ago, Scott Mattes and his girlfriend successfully resisted a violent home invasion in their home in Colorado. Needless to say, this is another lead we'll be following closely.

It's fits and starts. You find 6 possibilities for 6 classmates and 4 turn out to be completely off base, 1 sends you off in a completely different direction, and 1 turns into a magical conversation with someone you haven't seen for 44 years. Once the identity niceties are observed, and classmate status is confirmed, then it is a rush of memories, and the great thing for me is that everyone remembers different things because they each have a unique perspective on our common past, a different take on common memories and it is just a great moment shared over and over.

It's time consuming and frustrating and often daunting. Linda and I get in snit fits together when her ability to find exceeds my ability to contact. But the rewards far exceed such little problems. As I said in 1973 (I love it when I can quote myself) "He labors not who loves his labor." Ain't it the truth!

News Flash! Victor Quinn is located on Face Book and by his business in Plainfield, NJ! and the beat goes on..............

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