Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's been a long winter.....

It has been a long and difficult winter. It's not just the weather either. After another difficult foot reconstruction surgery (thankfully I only have two of the damn things), and the incredibly cruel winter (and that's only so far - there are still a couple months to go), it is increasingly difficult to go any length of time without visiting the obituaries, but they tend to visit me. I try to stay current on Facebook but if I want to comment I have to post on the Wayne Valley Directory page. Here's the email I got from Rick Sasse today:

Good afternoon.  It is not unusual to read the Providence Journal obituary section and see people I know. In this case it was somehow I had known for over 50 years, Bonnie Crossley.  For no necessary reason we didn’t really get to know each other, but we met at a reunion both knowing we lived in Rhode Island, and became friends. It will be a lonely Wayne Valley ’71-Rhode Island reunion, as I think it would now be Donna Smith (unless she has moved), and Richie Abramson moved to Moodus, CT, in retirement.


So even though I hate to kick start this blog with bad news, I still remain committed to locating and keeping us all up to date with what has happened to members of our class. Here's to a better spring.

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