Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Good Weekend

We're now doing two things at once (with regard to WVHS  classmates that is. We're always multitasking with other stuff too - that's what grandparents do!)

First, we are having continuing success in locating both lost classmates and confirming contact information from the rest.

Second, we are continuing to get positive response from classmates we have directly contacted that they want to participate in the Class Directory. We get messages daily to be listed.

So who have we talked to this week? Doug Fowler is back in New England. George Dingfelder retired last week from L.L. Bean. He's still trying to figure out what he's supposed to do now. Nancy Conroy Infante is in Florida after leapfrogging a bunch.

The biggest discovery, after piecing together clues from her friends, was Barbara Williams Frederick who is in Sewell NJ. She was somewhat surprised to discover that I didn't end up as either a doctor, lawyer or indian chief and like all others NOT LOCATED, she was unaware that she was lost.

Barry Makepiece, from Fort Lauderdale, FL and I shared stories about little fisticuff bouts we both had with people now deceased back in high school. He also told me how his long friendship with William Gullone experienced a break a while back, until Bill made the effort to find Barry again. Barry reported the sad news to me that Walter Szpara had passed away quite a while ago (April  30, 2000 per SSDI) which also reminded me that Embers page 222 has about a dozen classmates who weren't available for class pictures. They will be listed in the Class Directory  however. Among them was John Chichin, Jr (dec. 1975).

Any clues provided by classmates are more reliable and helpful than random brute force searches, so if you heard of someone having moved, let us know. This will all become a lot easier once we launch the classmate search website, sometime next month. It will include a list of all of our classmates and whether we have found them or not, to start. That way everyone will know, and will be able to submit information that they may possess. Even rumors or "The last I heard, he was in ......." is better than not knowing at all. And best of all, someone lost may stumble upon the site and discover that they are among the lost and email us. Our phone coversations have turned up a lot of leads.  Does anyone have a lead on where Donna Rogers is? Marijo McDevitt Stas is inquiring. If you have a clue, let either me or Marijo know. The site will also have links to people search engines and other Wayne info sources.

Finally, for this installment anyway, Linda has been comparing the master classmate list and searching Facebook where she has found that more and more classmates are signing in. We will continue to get folks connected and aware that others have joined Facebook to increase the size of the WVHS community there.

More later. Geez. There are 70 David Pauls listings in New Jersey alone.

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