Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Person Leads to Another

Well, the uniqueness for today is dual. Sue Stumpf-Hebert, is doing computer work in the Boston area and is one of those dual citizenship people who lives and works in one place, but recreates and will probably retire in another, i.e., Tucson. The same is true of Paul Borden, between Medford, NJ and the San Diego area. While this is great for them, it is certainly confusing to people looking for people unless you are able to figure out which one is the actual contact point! Anyway, it was great catching up, and Sue told me that she is regularly in touch with Sue Mustaleski Eck. You all may remember Rick Eck, from the class of 1966. I know I do. I'm sorry to report that Rick passed away this past February. Sue is on Facebook. I know it can be a bit awkward under these circumstances, but do friend her. Having experienced what she is going through, friends do often help. On Facebook, Sue is the Susan Eck from Tucson who is holding a grandchild.

It was a good day yesterday on the search front. We were able to contact Joan Lloyd as well in Weaverville, NC. Joan reminded me of times gone by spent idly in Pines Lake with mutual friends both before and after graduation, and my mind's eye transported me back to those days, for better or worse. Joan is actually much more aware of a lot of class goings on than I expected, and once again, I spent more time than I had previously alloted to reminisce. I don't know why I keep setting these arbitrary phone call limits on myself since I know that once we begin, the conversation will end when it ends, either quickly, if its a Quinn, as I've come to call contacts who are aggresively not interested or in a typical gab fest. Actually they've all been gab fests except for two calls out of dozens, and I owe Bob and Kathy Reed Sherger a call back after they returned my call. If you read this folks, my apologies, I'll call - honest, I will.

Quite frankly, Linda can locate people faster than I can contact them for verification. It's just so hard not to stage another gabfest.

It's also time for me to send another list of found and/or verified folks to the committee. If you visit the website, you'll see a lot of little red asterisks. When you see them, you'll know we've been at work. If you actually want to contact them however, you'll have to contact me to get contact info. When I hold my almost daily gab fests, I always ask about sharing contact info. I've yet to have someone naysay sharing. In fact, usually it is quite the opposite. And why wouldn't it be?

Who will we find tomorrow?

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