Friday, December 2, 2011

And the Beat Goes On And On

After locating Neal Gronborg, I come to discover that he is married to Sharon Fiore's sister, so needless to say, now I know where Sharon is and almost immediately called her. In the meanwhile, Janis George (John's wife) is making arrangements to get together with the Gronborgs since they live in the same FL town!

Well, Sharon is an Air Force veteran and her family's historian and another genealogist in our class, so we got to compare notes and techniques and had a good laugh about married names being the downfall of family (and classmate) tracing.

Also confirmed an email for Paul Iozzio in FL (who was in an auto accident about the time the senior pictures were being taken so he ended up without one). Aside from telling us that he has gained some weight (were that he was the only one). I told him I look exactly like I did in high school and weigh the same too. I don't know why he thought that was so funny.

Pictures are starting to flow into Wayne Valley Situation Room (our dining room table where the only situation is clearing the table for dinner). Don and Margaret DeMichino from their family. A correct photo for Mike Oates (one of our oopsies), and Sue Edwards Gutkin.

Cathy Labazetta Stalter sent in some information about Ilona Sweerus's family and we're following up  on that nearly as I write hoping to locate one of Ilona's daughters to see if we can get a current photo and some additional information about her life after Wayne Valley.

She also gave us some information about Mary Lou Rudin whose death date is reported incorrectly. We will remove the wrong information until we get the correct info and some more detail.

Linda has posted up memorial photos of our classmates gone and linked it to the Facebook Wayne Valley 67 Class Directory group which is an OPEN group for anyone in the class, and anyone who is even only peripherally connected to the class, such as a family member, in the hopes that they can help provide information about some of our not yet found classmates. There are now at least 4 Wayne groups:

I'm from Wayne (2668 members): pretty much speaks for itself. Lots of nostalgia and a fun place to hang out. I only lived in Wayne for  6 years so there's lots of stuff I've discovered myself. Shelley Black Reynolds has one of the greatest scrapbook collections I've ever seen, some of which is posted up there.

Wayne Valley High School (membership not posted): Open to all Wayne Valley students, it seems dominated by classes from the 70's and 80's and their activities. Cool.

Wayne Valley Class of 1967 (66 members -me=65): The reunion committee group of our class.

Wayne Valley 67 Class Directory (91 members): Us.

Believe me, if we could have worked with our reunion committee more successfully, we would have. If we could have participated openly in the Facebook group, we would have. As it stands, we continue on separately but supportive of the Reunion. We want it to be the Mother of all reunions with the highest level of participation and attendance ever. We encourage everyone who can to go.

The Those Who Served page is starting to get populated as I knew it would. Of course, I had to add one to Linda's class website as well and it too is receiving additions on a daily basis. Vets certainly deserve to toot their own horns.


  1. Mary Traynor TrellaDecember 5, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    I thought Ilona Sweerus died quite young - while I was at Duquesne Univ or soon after I graduated college. I never heard she had a daughter, Milton.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Mary Lou Rudin. My mother went to Montclair State '40 and knew her dad's family back in the 40s. When I wrote the Tween Teens column in '68-'69 her brother Walter was my contact at Neumann Prep. I believe the family later changed the spelling of the last name to Rudeen.