Monday, December 19, 2011

Eye on the Prize

You'd think that with the holidays imminent and family get togethers about to commence, that Linda and I would not be doing classmate finding stuff. Well, prepare to be jealous. We have all the shopping done, everything decorated, everything except one late arriving item (which should arrive today) wrapped, menu planned so there. Be very jealous. We are also battening down the hatches for the supervision of our temporarily resident grandchildren during the Xmas school recess.

So what better activity could there be to search for lost classmates? Well, there is catching up to my researcher to make sure that we are both on the same page with the website and Linda's research notes. The content of the site is really filling out nicely, and our vets are certainly doing their part. So while outreach may defer a little to the holidays, it is not as though all activity will cease.

There always seems to be a delayed reaction with any line of inquiry. It's been a while, but we got an email from Caroline Czaplinski Elio out in Arizona. We also found out through Paula Hackos Damien that Janice Boehme Casey had a FB page. We had just sent the Caseys a postcard to Maryland. Now we have only to get photos from the Mastropietros and Hennemans to complete our Class Mates page! And finally, we located Nancy Jacobs Boudreau in PA thanks to Linda Lamwers who clued us in. That's the way it works. Almost forgot about Barbara Preusch Saltmarsh in Arizona

Scott Shepard emailed us this morning and asked about Paul Gurda and several other people who did not make Embers. I sure remember Paul. I'm sure many of you do too. So what happened? I'm up for finding him. He's part of the class as far as I'm concerned. There are others too. If you think of them let us know. I know I for one am past pregnancy, dropping out or expulsion as reasons for exclusion from the Wayne Valley community.

The sad news is that we discovered a death notice for Rich Kirk on from January of this year. We are trying to get some confirmation from family members and will keep you all informed about this. Another sobering reminder that time is slipping away. Use it well.

May we all live life to the fullest in the coming year.

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  1. As a longtime college employee, I can tell you that college alumni associations (even those with very strict requirements for remaining in school, like my husband's alma mater, USNA) consider everyone who has attended an alum. (Maybe not those who dropped out after a semester, but certainly for a year.) Why? For one reason, alumni, even those who didn't graduate, might contribute to the college. But also it makes the "family" of alumni wider and more inclusive.