Friday, February 3, 2012

Teachers are a hoot; more notes on the Cruise

I've been trying to contact our teachers, and was able to contact Ed Sorock, one of the business education teachers who was also the sponsor of the Audio Visual Club.

Ed is now retired, 88 years old and living in Fairlawn, NJ with his also retired school teacher wife, Nan of over 60 years. Understand that I never had Ed Sorock for any classes, and I also understood that over his years of teaching, he has had thousands of students. I didn't expect him to remember anyone in particular, although those he remembered, I didn't.

After introducing myself, and explaining what I was trying to do, he wanted assurances that I wasn't one of those scam artists trying to steal his money. I reassured him that if I was trying to do that, I probably would be better served to try someone other than a retired school teacher. He thought that was very amusing and we shared a good laugh.

He then inquired about my political affiliation (and subsequently told me that he had voted  for FDR and would be voting for Obama in November) and said that he would have talked to me anyway unless I had told him I was a Republican.

Finally, he wanted to know who I was going to root for in Superbowl 46. After replying "the Giants, of course", he decided that he would share his wife's email and I will be reminding them to forward a current photo.

Like finding classmates, this is a hoot.

Freedom of the Seas
Just a reminder too that the Reitz 67 Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, is open to the Wayne Valley Class of 67 too. Set for February 10, in 2013, the more the merrier. David Fritz of Cruise Everything is the contact. David is a private cruise director who handles everything on board, during the cruise. He has arranged to waive port fees and a room to meet and other amenities for our group. There is a  down payment to book and you've got till November to finalize payment. I am told he prefers to talk to you on the phone so that all communications are direct and questions can be answered immediately. His phone number is 800-959-7447. Just let him know you are part of the Reitz group. Unlike many cruise lines who tag you for $100 for tips up front, tipping is optional based on your perception of service. We just booked so we could get the room and dining seating we wanted. We're anticipating perhaps 20 or so from Reitz and there has been some strong interest from the Wayne class too. We'll keep all updated on this as time passes.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to try and contact teachers for current photos, contact information, and to see if they'd like to attend the Reunion.

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