Monday, January 30, 2012

Teachers Page Published

We're back from the presurgical cruise (Linda knew she'd be holed up in the house for a few weeks so jammed in a cruise prior to surgery; any excuse is fine with me.) So the surgery went well and the recovery is proceeding apace. It's never fast enough and while the surgery went faster than expected, you can only heal so fast. I will say that we were supplied with island dressings that had some of the most aggressive adhesive we either of us have ever seen. Until we abandoned the cursed bandages for more conventional ABD dressings and paper tape, there was much cursing and swearing at the Yuan household and a lot of needless suffering.

So we're back and we've been busy....

We have completed scanning the teacher yearbook photos and including them by department and the page is published at There are only a few for whom we have current information and we invite all to dig in and share what you know. I would think that all teachers are automatically invited to the reunion but you never know.

I was delighted to find an article about Adrian Van Zweden who at 92 is apparently still delighting kids with his practical knowledge. We also found Esther Van Kampen on Facebook and provided a pretty complete biography.

I suppose I was as guilty as anyone in objectifying teachers with whom I either didn't have classes or didn't know that well. They all had lives too though.

I do know that Lindas Eckert and Ucko are working on a 7-3/8-4 get together prior to the reunion with the Piagets. If you were a member of this group, make sure to contact them if you can attend.

Ah, back in the saddle again.

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