Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's been a while.....

With the early onset of Spring in southern Indiana come early landscaping demands. The bulbs popped early, the weeds emerged before pre-emergent weed killers could be applied, and the grass is thick enough to stop our John Deere cold until we set the cutting deck higher. The unwanted side effect of all this early warm weather was severe weather which popped up all around us. We were lucky, but many nearby communities sadly were not. I just ended up having to pick up a lot of branches and sticks. So many others had to pick up the remains of their homes and lives.

In addition, the Reitz class of 67 Reunion committee, in which I strangely find myself a part , is now meeting to decide the few things that still need deciding. We are delighted to discover that there is really not that much work to do this time around because of the groundwork we did last year and because we chose an all inclusive place in which to hold it.

The Wayne Valley class directory, the other big task on the short list, is not yet complete either, of course, since there are a lot of current photos missing. It is farther along than the drop ceiling in the basement though. I'm hoping to correct the photo situation at reunion but until then, I still encourage you to have your kids take a photo of you and post them on facebook or email them directly to us. The drop ceiling is another matter altogether.

Thanks to Craig Meinking too, for sending in a bio for his entry which we posted in the last few days. I also encourage all who have been following this blog to try and attend the reunion. I think the deadline is April 25, 2013 for reservations.

Finally, a reminder that the Class of 67 2013 cruise bookings are proceeding with the best room locations booking fast. For more information about the event, here's the link:

Till next time, Milton signing off.

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