Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lazy is as Lazy does

After a gentle chiding by Franny Minervini-Zick, to which I tried to excuse myself saying that I was busy getting ready for the trek East and the later Colorado vacation, I finally had to admit to myself that I was just being lazy and distracted. Mostly just lazy. Hey, isn't that what retired folks get to do? NOT! Truth be told, the 5 days a week I am supposed to be at rest have been filled to the brim with grandparent stuff, gardening stuff (the early spring/summer weather gave everything a jumpstart like you wouldn't believe!) and the perpetual cleaning of the garage (aka Fred Sanford's annex)

It's not as though there isn't anything going on class-wise either. In addition to the actual Reunion, there is also an Anthony Wayne 7-3/8-4 block class get together, and another get together with some old all-school production folks. Then there is the visit to the parents part of the whole thing. House disruption becomes more a factor in visits and more so as the years go on. I know how that is already. Imagine adding another 20 years on it. The routine is set and house guests, even if family,  just throw everything into a dither. I'm very lucky that my folks, still in the same house, are still living independently and are in relatively good health.

I've also been talking with Wayne Valley folks too, via email and FB. Nancy Sliker Gillingham is nursing a meniscus tear but is going to fight through it to come. Jeannie O'Connell Hintz is on the mend from a surgery and will not be able to attend. Giff Jimmerson will be going to the Paris Inn dinner but not the big reunion. I'm also glad to hear that there will be many at the Reunion who have previously not gone to one.

As Mr. Galbierczyk was fond of saying, "Alea iacta est". The die is cast. See you all in a couple of weeks. I'll still be the Chinese guy with the camera.

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