Sunday, March 9, 2014

In from the Cold

Well, we're back from an RV shakedown cruise and I am frustrated at the quality of Internet connections at many campgrounds (boy, am I spoiled or what? only because we're paying for it) but be that as it may, this blog was delayed 2 days until today, the morning after the first night in my own bed and the first day of Daylight Savings Time:

Even though we're sitting in the new Improved smaller and diesel RV, the day ended wet and chilly. Yes I know that's become a relative term nowadays. A perfect time to think about what has transpired the last few days. 

We took this trip as a shakedown cruise for the vehicle and to introduce the new pup to the RV life, it is true. But i also had an ulterior motive. I've been extolling the virtue of meeting with classmates as you travel to different parts of the country. It's been a while since I practiced what I preach.

So we had dinner with Bob Wanek and suddenly we were backstage at WVHS again and joking and reminiscing as though 45 years had not inserted themselves between us and we also affirmed that it would never do so again. And the seafood and key lime pie was great as icing on the cake to mix a few metaphors. 

Then we had lunch with Nancy Sliker Gillingham and caught up with each other again. She loaned me the Packanack school 1957 yearbook with authentic autographs!  We agreed that the small effort to meet is rewarded in far greater proportion in fond memories and class gossip and the cookies Nancy sent us off with. I left Palm Harbor/Dunedin resolved to find the rest of us not yet located. 

Enough. To essentially text this entry is burdensome beyond measure but the events of the past few days have been inspirational. Don't miss the Packanack preview on the class directory FB page. 

BTW so far the AC is on the fritz and the hot water bypass switch was installed backwards. The dealer is standing behind the vehicle by reimbursing us for the repairs which will be performed locally.

Diesel is cool too now that i know it doesn't necessarily mean twin stacks blowing blackness into the air. 

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Back to the present. There are piles of snow in store parking lots. There's a reminder of ice and snow on my walkway. Even with the 40 degree temperature differential, everything has been packed up from the RV and clothes have been laundered and all the sundries sundered. Time for a nap.

Just read on FB that Scott Shepard lost his dad in the last few days. Our thoughts are with him.

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