Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still Working

Linda and I took a long week to take a road trip in the RV to South Dakota before the snow shut us out. We've all seen pictures of Mt. Rushmore, but it's not like being there. It was a great trip, and one of the reasons is that in the evening, the RV became Search Central. Give us a wifi hotspot and we'll confirm somebody's location and have a nice yakfest to boot limited only by the fact that I was somewhat distracted by driving the 29 footer and the tow car through the Badlands and the mountains.

Here are some classmates whose locations were confirmed last week:  Bill Vandervort, Giff Jimmerson, Doug Marzloff, Susie Loper, Gary Drach, Jim Francois, Robert Holdsworth, Marlene Zachok, Bill Altier, Eric Kostelak.

I'm cranking away on getting photos, emails and other information attached to each individual's high school picture. As the website goes up and folks get to see what's there, feel free to contact us to add information, especially military service, and we always always welcome recent photos. It has been my experience that these directories often develop their own momentum once begun as more and more people find the site. I'm hoping that will happen with this one. Remember, sometimes the smallest mote of information leads to a classmate.

It always comes as a surprise to me when a classmate exhibits less enthusiasm for reconnecting with the class than I have, not because I think everyone should react like I do (heaven forbid) but because what's the harm? A few minutes out of a day to answer an email? I do that every day just reading Amazon ads, or answering comments on Facebook. If someone wants to contact me, I figure I owe it to them for taking the trouble to respond. I'm not so important; my time is not so valuable that I can't share some of it with old classmates. Maybe I undervalue my time? Nonetheless, if someone wants to be listed as alive and doing well, that's better than "I wonder if they're still alive?" Knowing anything is better than not knowing at all. I certainly encourage all to participate fully, but it's not a requirement. It's about choice to reconnect or not.

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