Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

As promised, is up and running, with a late burst of activity from Martha Utter Hunt providing information to contact Maureen Hoffman Abouyan. I wrote back to Maureen because there was a woman veteran, now deceased with very similar information to Maureen and we were delighted to hear from her to confirm her vitality. She said she had lost touch with Martha:

Losing touch is a common occurrence, as I am discovering in my quest to contact the entire class directly, either by phone or email so that I know I have current information.

That is precisely the purpose of the class directory. Life is sometimes too much in our vision and we lose sight of some of the more important things in life, like friends and family. If only there were a place that you knew you could go to contact those friends. Now there is.

We would very much like to get a recent photo of you and a short bio to post. Your email will be disguised to prevent spambots from acquiring it.

We also contacted Scott Strassler and hope to get a photo and a short bio from her shortly. We were also successful in contacting Kathy Fontan Korus.

Linda was also able to find obituaries for Laura Casadevall Robinson and Madelyn Carr Tooker which you can find on the memorial page. Also Larry Casadevall graciously provided current photos of Laura.

So now that the site has launched, let us know of any others you may have located in your travels that we don't know, even if it's just a clue. We'll follow up. Most of all, we hope that the entire class makes use of this new resource to stir things up, to re-energize the class community and add a new dimension to our everyday lives. Thank you for all your past and future information. Keep the flow going.

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