Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Even though the database is far from done (we're come a long way in a short time and it will never truly be done until everyone stops moving around and changing stuff so that's not going to happen), I think it's time to unveil this directory with what we've got so far. Rather than have everyone imagine what it's like, it's far easier to see it and participate. Some of the features aren't quite complete but I'm hoping that when they are seen, people will jump on board, especially vets - as I've been contacting folks, I haven't always remembered to ask. (The old short term memory isn't what it used to be - it used to be bad, now it's worse)

I'm also starting to include clues for people we haven't confirmed yet so everyone can get in on the hunt ("Wouldn't it be fun if we all could help whitewash the fence", said Tom Sawyer.....)

Quite frankly, I think that once everyone knows who is actually not yet located or confirmed, other classmates will help provide information that will enable us to find the rest.

It's been a busy few days recently. Talked to Bill Brooks, Janet Luhmann Cober, who gave me a lead on Mary (Scottie) Wallace being in Indiana, Mollie Kroll Abend who informed me that Sallie Rosenzweig Moskowitz is her cousin and provided contact information.  Got new contact information from Bill Meese who moved to help care for his inlaws. Good man, Bill. I don't envy you that responsibility, having gone through that myself. Talked briefly to Garry Meyer, who asked that I call back. He had a passle of grandkids running around and it sounded like a real circus. Been there too. Got an unexpected call from Ralph Foglia who says that he is going to talk to other classmates who likely know where some of the not yet located are. That's great, and it's always a hoot to talk to Ralph anyway.

Thought we had a strong lead on the whereabouts of Pat Snyder, but was informed by another Pat Snyder in VA who was also known as Trish, that she wasn't ours. One down in the process of elimination. Also got a lead on Carolyn (Lyn) Newton, but haven't turned up anything substantive yet. We've also got a bunch of postcards out there for people we think we've located but can't find phone numbers for. And then the Post Office announces that postcards were too cheap and they need to bump the price up to 31 cents each.

And the photos are starting to flow. Got one from Barry Makepeace, and Bob Dunlap too. So there's plenty of work to be done. It's not far from Halloween, but I did the annual pumpkin thing for my grandson. So someone is happy.

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