Saturday, November 19, 2011

Filling in the Details

Linda and I have been working on filling in some details for our classmates who died young, trying to contact family for current photos and obituaries. Why are we being so intent on this aspect of the directory? First, we want people to be properly memorialized, that they were part of our class, part of our lives, so at least we should know when they passed, and who and what they left behind. We owe it to their memories. Families have been most cooperative and interested and pleased that we remember their family member.Just listing "deceased" isn't personal. It's just a statistic. These people weren't statistics. They were our classmates.

Death is a touchy subject. No one wants to report that someone has died and have it not be true, but the longer someone goes "missing" without a trace, or leaves behind a Facebook page without any activity since their reported death date, it does warrant a closer look as a possible outcome. Sometimes the mystery is just a matter of circumstances that make it difficult, no, nearly impossible to find someone. I can't emphasize the importance of listing maiden names as well as married names on Facebook. We also understand that many of us have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and some whose children and grandchildren set up pages for them.

We were just delighted that the rumors of Madelyn Sisco Alexander's demise are highly exaggerated. To the contrary, she's beating the road between North Jersey and Princeton to dote on a half dozen grandkids split between locations. We were very lucky that Linda happened to see another Engle from Wayne on Facebook. Turns out that he's a relation to Barbara Engle Fincham, who's out in Moab, Utah, one of our favorite places on the planet. Unfortunately, Barbara is care giving and in the midst of a difficult time. We hope to hear from her in greater detail when she is able and wished her the best of luck with her situation.

Again, friends and classmates, take a look at your Facebook pages then take a look at the Return to Senda page. You may be friends on Facebook with classmates who have not yet been located. Let us know with our thanks. That's the way the detective game is played!

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