Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fondest wishes

So far, my fondest wishes from the Wayne Valley Class Directory have started coming true. I'm getting emails and calls with additional information, military services dates and calls from people I haven't talked to in for-ever. Mollie Kroll Abend has a classmate cousin, Sally Rosenzweig Moskowitz who has been in periodic touch with Anne Hoffman, who we have had no luck finding without outside help. And so it goes round and round and suddenly we have another found classmate.

Then one of our many postcards generates a phone call from Dennis Sandfort, in Newton, who has been helping people chainsaw their way out to the street from the recent snowfall. Dennis is landscaping up there.

Rick Sasse remembers that Don Gerola is an artist in RI from a news magazine article, and reminds us of his own long service in the US Coast Guard and that Gary Luccio was also in the USCG. Sue Cowin counted off her years in the army which somehow triggered my memory that Rich Burgess was also Army.

Let the games begin! In the meanwhile, we're still working the phones for the rest of our folks.

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