Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Cheer

After taking a little break for the Holidays from this blog, it is a little bit amazing how much connecting is happening on Facebook. For those of you not yet addicted to the social network scene, don't feel left out because you can now go the the Wayne Valley 67 Class Directory and locate many of your old friends there. Drop a dime (is that showing our age?), Drop 'em a line; If they're within driving distance (you can check the state listings (which by the way will be updated in the next few days) get together for real and break bread together.

Thanks to all for the holiday cheer and greetings. If we missed anyone who was gracious enough to send us greetings, our apologies. Like everyone, things were in a total frenzy right up until the final countdown. Even though the website activity slowed a little, the research didn't and we're still cranking away. We are hoping to get info for Mike Williams from Rick Sasse, I think Mike was one of the few I know for sure who understood what Mr. Grundy and Mrs Thompson were talking about.

Doc Piaget
Darth Tunis
Speaking about teachers, it seems fairly likely now that there will be a get together for the Anthony Wayne 7-3/8-4 block class of Dorothy Tunis and Dr. Al Piaget over the Reunion Weekend. Linda Ucko and Linda Eckert are arranging the details. The Piagets (I'll always say "Pie-A-Jet" but "Pee -ah-jay" seems to be the preferred pronunciation nowadays) are happily retired and in Wayne. Doc, you may know, helped found the Benway School originally on Black Oak Ridge but now I hear recently relocated to Valley Road).  To those of us who had them for block those two incredible years, they represented enlightenment, new horizons and self exploration not typically encouraged in the Wayne of the mid sixties. Their current photos  adorn the website in the activities area where you will find a teachers page. If anyone else has current photos of our teachers, please send them in and I can arrange a location of greater prominence on the site. There are also active threads about teachers of our era on the I'm from Wayne Facebook group with many of the old Anthony Wayne faculty photo pages.

And speaking about photos, I encourage everyone to send in their own current photos from the scads that had to have been taken over the holidays. I know you've got them. Everyone wants to see everyone to either gloat or sympathize (depending on your own self image I suppose).

And by all means, visit the Return to Senda page of the website. If you have any clues about the whereabouts of any of our lost classmates, good news or bad, please feel free to let us know so we can follow up. I for one have no intention of just letting a classmate go that easily. So even it means following up on a long shot "six degrees of separation" clue, we'll do it.

On a far more sad note we just learned yesterday of the passing of Richard J. Geraghty, on October 10, 2011 in Manahawkin, NJ. An obituary can be found on the Memorial page on the class directory website, http://waynevalley67.net/html/inmemoriam.html.

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