Friday, January 13, 2012

No Snowflake........

No snowflake ever thinks it will become an avalanche. But that is what is happening. In reality, Evansville got its first little snowfall which resulted in a moment of idyllic winter scenes. Then people started playing demolition derby on the streets. It wasn't enough to cause a run on bottled water and milk at the local Walmart though, and the stores aren't out of snow-melt either. On the class front, we also have an accumulation. Of news.

Rick Sasse sent this link to me. Don Gerola's been at it again up in Rhode Island:

We've also been in touch with Shigemi Suzuki who says she'll be to the Reunion.

Additionally, when we get back from vacation, we will begin filling in content for our teachers page, which will include much information about all our teachers, living or deceased. Where we can, as we have for classmates, we will be providing obituaries and contact information where available. Moreover, we will be inviting you, their students to provide anecdotes and comments which we will post with the listing. You know how proud you are of your accomplishments in your various careers. We are their accomplishments, and ultimately their legacy. We have so much to tell you about them. Something to look forward to. The page that will be published today is just a sample of what is to come. They have left their imprint on more than just us.

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